We will hold an informal workshop on ALICE Jet Physics and High Level Trigger (HLT) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on April 6-8, 2009, immediately following Quark Matter 2009.

The scope of the meeting encompasses discussion of the physics capabilities of the HLT, with emphasis on hard probes, and jet physics in ALICE. Topics include:

- Trigger Algorithms: from L0 to HLT
- Jet reconstruction in ALICE
- Jet and hard photon observables in p+p and Pb+Pb
- Jet reconstruction and experience from RHIC
- High Level Trigger implementation

The workshop will also include a PWG4 meeting on April 8.

Participants should arrange their own accomodations - see the link to Accomodations in the menu on the left.

Please also register so that we can arrange site access for you.





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